Monday, August 20, 2018


“Democratic” sophistry

Putting the word “Democratic” in front the word “socialism” is like placing a row of flower pots in front of a barbed wire fence.

It should be a surprise to no one that Democrats are more and more acknowledging their nascent affiliation with socialism. They are America’s de facto socialist party. They’re still in the position of having to actually convince people of the worthiness of their philosophy so, for now, it has become necessary to tack on the “democratic” qualifier.

The word “democratic” possesses some subtle and perhaps confusing meanings. I would maintain that there are actually three common meanings to the word. It’s used most often in a very general and generic sense to denote a state of freedom. There are dictatorships, authoritarian regimes, and “democracies.” It’s fine to use the word this way if all parties are on the same page with this definition. The more specific meaning is what the word actually means from its original Greek, “rule by the people.” Of course, this second meaning, that a society be ruled by everyone, reflects an impossibility given that contending interests exist within any group. “Rule by the people” usually defaults to the concept of majority rule. majority rule is often best described by it’s definition as “two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner” or the less symbolic, “fifty-one percent of citizens deciding to kill the other 49 percent.”

The third meaning is how “democracy” actually plays out the concept of a “general will,” directing the course of events through a powerful state that mysteriously interprets all citizen’s common interests. So it is that so many ruthless dictatorships are fully comfortable in using the word in the belief that they act as a positive good for all.

In the public schools and academia it has become popular to describe America as a “participatory democracy” thus sneaking in that last definition to replace America’s constitutional republic (very different from a “participatory democracy”).

With Bernie Sanders candidacy and a few newer “democratic socialists” gaining the spotlight, the phrase has sought to put a kinder and gentler face on what always has been mere statism— centralized rule by a group, individual, or bureaucracy. We are supposed to now think that those ideologues who idolize Marx and Trotsky are really just trying to offer a few extra social services in the image of Sweden or Denmark. Scandinavian welfare states and massive social expenditure certainly share a leftist affinity but I have yet to meet anyone praising socialism who ultimately does not wish to see capitalism and private property eliminated and opposition to a “revolutionary” objective censored and crushed.

Democratic can mean “free,” “majority rule.” or rule “by the peoples’ “general will.” In the end, semantics mean nothing when a specific personality and vision continues to cloud the pages of history with predictable rage and desire to control.

Contemporary politicos can tack the word “democratic” on to their identity all they want. In the end, they’re socialists. Putting them in power will not mean living in Denmark. It will mean living n Venezuela. Good luck with that.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Tucker Carlson just keeps getting better and better.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Swamp Creatures

I realize that it’s pretty easy to simply post a link to someone else’s insights but FOX’s Steve Hilton is a first rate journalist in the old tradition where a viewer comes away from their reporting knowing a lot more about a given subject than other sources are willing to investigate.

Other networks won’t go near this kind of information, mostly because they are partisan hacks with pathetic ideological agendas but also because they’re too stupid, lazy, and insincere to actually seek the truth and share it with their audience.

This is some incredibly important biographical information regarding two top players in the quest to nullify an American Presidential election.

I really hope that, in the end, all of these deep state clowns get exactly what they deserve. Informing the public as to who they really are is a good start to that just conclusion.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Pathological Leftism

Thursday, August 09, 2018


The Totalitarians in Freakout Mode

Here we go again. It’s not as if the state of current events hasn’t occurred before. The government wants its country back. The movement to enslave everyone to everyone else (their precious “society”) contains a simple cast of characters:

1. The garden variety power seekers: People with money, power and influence who want to keep it that way.

2. The intellectual ideologues: Academics, pundits, and mundane “thinkers” and social planners who know what’s best for everyone else.

3. The “revolutionaries:” Everyone from so-called “democratic” socialists to hard-core street thugs (e.g. “Antifa).

4. The blatantly clueless: stupid mobs of ill-educated idealists who want to be seen as being among the “good” people.” Informed by late-night comedy, wealthy entertainers and musicians, and pawns of public education.

These categories in the movement to facilitate the growth and centralization of government authority over everyone’s life represent degrees in character from the well-meaning to the brutally dangerous and pathological.

In spite of the variations in political dogmatism, they share a common suspicion or hatred for anyone who sees them self as an autonomous agent seeking happiness and personal fulfillment.

Their obsession with “fascism” stems from the fact that they all represent a strain of fascism to one degree or another. They favor a controlled world where the centrifugal forces of diverse opinion and lifestyle are not able to escape the watchful eye, camera, or bureau-edict of predictability and regimentation.

The power seekers These clowns are a relatively harmless bunch. They’ve always been with us. A person can be anywhere on the political spectrum and enjoy the largesse of affiliation with a sympathetic state. They really don’t care what you think so long as you let them continue to amass personal power and wealth. An individual can get by in life with these schemers as mere background noise. They suck, to be sure, but they’re probably the least harmful in the grand scheme of things. Where they do pose a threat is, in their quest to increase their personal power they often lend support to a more pathological category of people. These are the people that Lenin said would sell the rope they would later be hung with. Jeff Bezos is possibly a person in this category. Traditional Republicans and “Never Trumpers” like Jeb Bush are as well.

The intellectual ideologues: While this group typically has less wealth to utilize in their mission, they harbor an equal desire for power — perhaps more so. These are the people described in Eric Hoffer’s brilliant book, “The Ordeal of Change” as “the scribes.” The servants to the business class who came to resent that, with their great intellect and mastery of ideas, were not themselves the ones running the show. These people can be academics, public school teachers, media pundits, or virtually anyone else who harbors an inflated view of their knowledge and awareness thus affording them the right to rule. These fools support anyone who wishes to tear down the status quo and are among the first to be executed after they’ve helped to burst the dam, allowing their more pathological spawn to rein supreme. Among example of this niche in the authoritarian hierarchy can be found virtually anyone in the humanities or social sciences today (most of which are on the far left).

The Revolutionaries: These are the most immediately dangerous among the authoritarian rabble (though the intellectuals, after achieving power, can do incredible damage). These people are just full-on ID anger. They are truly “full of hate” and often hold signs labeling others as such. Often self-described as “anarchists” they only support anarchy as an initial means of tearing down “the system.” In the end they are all some form of fascism/communism — punitive state authority. They are naturally violent and it should be a surprise to no one that if they achieve power, mass-torture and execution is their favored method of establishing their authority. Antifa — obviously.

The blatantly clueless: These people can be well-meaning, relatively non-aligned, and easily swayed, but their numbers are huge and they are easily brought under the umbrella of more sinister elements in movements to eliminate the advance of peaceful liberal democracy. They are typically not well-informed or educated on matters of politics, history, or mass-psychology. They are generally not objects of oppression or misfortune, and seem to think all the world’s problems could be alleviated if we would just “cooperate” and perhaps give one of the other groups mentioned here the chance to fix things. These people are putty in the hands of contemporary media and entertainment. You can hear them applaud on “The View” or any late night comedy show. You can see them sign petitions on college campuses, and you can watch them nod in agreement when anyone labels Donald Trump the embodiment of evil. As voters, these people hold the keys to the gates of hell...and they don’t believe in “walls.” They really believe that America is the only country to have ever had slavery, that if we be nice to dictators, they’ll be nice to us. If we shut down the American economy, the climate will arrive at a correct temperature and stay there — and, the polar ice caps on Mars will stop receding. It is a genuine pity but, these are the people in whose hands the future of modern free society rests.

Of course, all of these categories I’ve described can and do overlap to varying degrees. In some ways, Barack Obama possessed attributes of all these categories. Hillary Clinton, definitely the first two (a power seeker and intellectual ideologue). The “deep state” is certainly a major player in all of this, but like their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, it fits neatly into the schemes of power seekers and intellectual ideologues.

Each one of these groups has been on the ascendancy over the past several decades, at least since the social turmoil of the late 60’s and arguably going back to Wilson progressivism and the post WWI era.

All of these groups, in their own way, have directed the course of modern history toward greater and greater distance from America’s founding documents and further down that nasty road to subservience to the state and its minions.

Who would have guessed that a goofy poorly spoken real estate developer would pose such a great threat to the plans of the overclass?

For all the cunning charm and spy-craft that the statists have mustered, Donald Trump is giving them a run for their money. He, almost single-handedly, is stopping “the revolution” in its tracks and they don’t know what to do about it. Everyone knows what they’d like to do but that wouldn’t be so easy to pull off, even for them.

They’re freaking out and all they can count on now are the blatantly clueless ...but that, unfortunately, is a lot of people.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018



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